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Ballasts & Drivers

Ballasts & Drivers
Ballasts & Drivers

Shop Lighting Ballasts & LED Drivers Online

What To Know About Buying Ballasts and Drivers Online

LED lights are a bit trickier to install than regular incandescents. That’s because LED and fluorescent lights require a buffer between the bulb and the outlet. That’s where our buffers and drivers come in. Buying them online makes it easier than ever to get your lighting project off the ground.

Working with fluorescents? You’ll need a ballast. LED lights require drivers. They provide the control for your lighting fixtures and regulate their power supply, performing their duty throughout the lifespan of your bulbs.

Ballasts generate the initial voltage that travels from cathode to anode. After the light is on, the ballast regulates the current. They transform high voltage AC current into the lower voltage current the LED is designed to run on, which is why these bulbs are so energy efficient. Ballasts and drivers ensure the current of electricity is consistent, which improves the lifespan of your light fixtures.

Buy Ballasts and Drivers Online

Buying a fluorescent ballast or LED driver online requires knowledge of the fixtures and tools you’re working with. We offer both T5 and T8 ballasts for your fluorescent lighting setups and a wide selection of LED drivers.

At Mr. Lighting, lighting is all we do. We offer a wide range of high quality lighting equipment so you can get the job done right. Rather than having to go to the store, shopping online allows you to make a calculated and informed decision, all without leaving your home.