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Buy LED Decorative Lights Online

Want to add the perfect lighting accent to your home? At Mr. Lighting, we offer a wide range of beautiful decorative lighting pieces to suit any decor style, room size, and any lighting need.

Whether it’s an illuminated mirror in a bathroom, hanging pendant lights in a kitchen or subtle wall lighting for your living room, Mr. Lighting has you covered.

Mirror Luminaires

Illuminated mirrors are the next big thing in bathroom style. Lighting on your mirror casts a pleasant glow and great for applying makeup and checking for blemishes. We have the right mirror luminaire that is flattering yet functional.

Pendant Luminaires

Pendant luminaires have long been a popular lighting option for adding aesthetic appeal and versatility in fitting in with any decor. A pendant luminaire is a stunning way to brighten a kitchen, living room, bedroom or even an office space. Pendant luminaires add a touch of luxury to a space, showing the interior designer put thought and effort into fixture arrangements. We offer a wide range of pendant luminaires to suit any design sensibility and budget, including pendant luminaires utilizing energy-efficient LED lights.

Wall Luminaires

Wall luminaires are ideal for lighting spaces in which over-the-head lighting fixtures isn’t enough. Our wall luminaires come in a variety of styles to suit any space. Wall luminaires are classic, discreet and make for an easy-to-install lighting project.

Ceiling Luminaires

Ceiling luminaires are ideal for lighting a large space for many years. Our ceiling luminaires range from discrete to decorative, so whether you’re lighting an office or a bedroom, you’ll be able to find what you need.

Spot Lamps

Looking to light a specific spot? Our spot lamps are what you need. They are durable, affordable and come in a number of size options to suit any space or project.

Table Luminaires

Looking for a lamp to provide both lighting and a decorative accent? Our table luminaires are premium quality and suit any decor. From classic to modern, our table luminaires are the perfect touch to any room.