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Buy Electrical Accessories Online

Buying electrical accessories online has never been easier. No lighting project is complete without the right finishing pieces. The kind of electrical accessories you choose, including light switches, dimmers, sockets and cables can have a major impact on the finished look of your space. It’s important to choose each piece carefully so that it suits the look of your room and corresponds with your light fixtures. Both form and function matter when purchasing electrical accessories online.

We offer an extensive range of accessories that are shipped to your door. At Mr. Lighting, lighting is the name you can count on.

Our electrical accessories include:


These turn on and off your lights at the touch of your fingertips. They blend seamlessly into your wall or decor, are durable for family use and easy to install with the right equipment.

Wall Plates

These cover over your sockets, concealing circuits and provide safety. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your particular needs. Wall plates are essential in making a room look complete and keeping your family safe.


The power source for cables, our sockets help you adapt your existing lighting if you are changing location. We offer a range of sockets for different lighting and prong needs.


On or off? Dimmers let you control the brightness in a room -- instantly. Control the mood of a space with our discreet dimmers.


Receptacles provide the power source to plug your lights into. They come in multiple colours and sizes, so they’re suitable for all your appliance needs.


For more advanced lighting jobs, cables are great to have on hand.


Connect your devices to the cloud and access them remotely. Our hubs consolidate your electronics, essential for your smart home.


Our plugs come in a variety of colours and sizes.


Don’t worry about turning the lights off -- our timers have you covered. Now you can fall asleep in the living room without worrying about wasting power.

Timer Plates

For heavy-duty lighting jobs, our timer plates are a great option.

Timer Control Accessories

All the gear to accompany your timers. Complete the job with our timer control accessories.


Everything you need to precisely direct your lighting

At Mr Lighting, we’re the best choice for shopping online for your electric accessories. We have everything you need to get the job done, whether it be for your home, office or outdoor area. Our premium quality and extensive selection make it easy for you to shop online from the comfort of your home.