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Housing & Trim
Housing & Trim

Buy LED Pot Lights Online

Encase your LED lights in our premium housing. At Mr. Lighting, we have the variety you need to pick the right light and keep it safe for the lifetime of its use.

LED Trim Lighting:

The trim is the visible part of the LED light, so it should reflect the aesthetic you’re going for in your project. Recessed lighting comes in a variety of sizes and outputs. What are you lighting? Do you want a strong beam of light or a soft glow? Are you lighting a large area, or spotlighting a closet? All these considerations go into choosing the perfect bulb.

Our LED housing provides the perfect basin for your lights. We can guarantee the best quality and customer service for lighting in Canada. Our housing is made of quality materials designed to last for years, wherever you hang them and whatever their use.

Which trim style suits your project? These are the different types:

Baffle Trims:

This is the most popular type of trim. They go well in living spaces, such as dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways and kitchens. Large, uniformed grooves absorb excess light, transforming a bright beam of light into a soft, flattering glow.

Reflector Trims:

This style is popular in kitchens and commercial spaces. The interior is smooth and polished, maximizing the amount of light one bulb can shine. Rather than flattering a space, it reveals it.

Adjustable Trims:

Used in a variety of circumstances, from wall to task lighting, adjustable trims allow the bulb to “float” in it’s housing. The user can then position the bulb towards the desired area.

Lensed Trims:

Lensed trims protect the bulb and the interior of the housing from water and natural elements. You can imagine how this would come in handy in bathrooms, showers and eaves lighting.

Decorative Trims:

Style and function, decorative trims hold aesthetic appeal while delivering the energy efficiency of LED bulbs.

LED Pot Lights

A LED pot light or ‘recessed light’ is a type of lighting fixture that is mounted in the ceiling to make it shine down on an area. Sometimes referred to as ‘downlights’ or ‘can lights’, they are a discreet way to add a contemporary feel to your home. However, such fixtures need to be installed by a professional because there are safety issues involved. Once power to the room is out, it can take two minutes or even less to install the new recessed lights.

LEDs can create the illusion of extra space in a room with low ceilings, or pomp and grandeur to one with higher ceilings. They have been proven to be 85% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and they generate less heat. This will give you additional savings on your electric bill because you will use less AC to cool your room that your traditional light bulbs heat up. Moreover, LEDs can last up to 10 times longer than other bulbs so they seldom need to be replaced, thus saving you the time and effort of buying another light bulb for the next couple of years.

What's the Difference Between IC and Non-IC Rated Pot Lights?

Lights produce a lot of heat when turned on and that heat needs to dissipate or go somewhere. In order to avoid setting your ceiling on fire, it is important to understand when you can use IC-rated fixtures and when you need non-IC rated downlights. So what’s the difference?

Non-IC rated fixtures need three inches (7.6 cm) of space between the ceiling insulation and the metal. The reason behind this is that the insulation can trap the heat generated by the bulb and either melt the electrical wiring insulation, or ignite combustible materials. Non-IC rated pot lights are frequently used in remodels and ceilings without insulation like unfinished attics. These units feature a single can design that needs an air pocket to disperse heat. They are cheaper than their IC-rated counterpart.

IC-rated fixtures have excellent heat distribution capabilities; hence they can allow insulation to lay against the metal without risking fire. The Canadian Electrical Code section 30-906 states that IC-rated fixtures “shall be permitted to be in contact with combustible material or blanketed with thermal insulation”. IC-rated pot lights are mostly used in new homes and buildings. Note, however, that they can be installed in either insulated or non-insulated ceilings.

At Mr Lighting, our specialty is providing you the perfect lighting to get the job done. Our extensive selection and expertise make us the obvious choice when buying your trim LED lights and their casing online. Our stellar reputation and premium quality lighting products ensure our customers are always satisfied.