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Light Bulbs
Light Bulbs

Buy Light Bulbs Online

Mr Lighting carries light bulbs for all purposes and venues. Our light bulbs are all premium quality. Lighting is what we do, and you can be sure we do it the best.

Why not buy your bulbs online? We provide speedy shipping, top-rated customer service, and a diverse selection of different types of bulbs for any use.

Plug-In CFLS

Plug-in compact fluorescent lights are good for the environment and your wallet. They plug in directly to their socket, making installation a breeze.

Screw-In CFLS

These compact fluorescent lights screw into their source, rather than plug in. They come in a range of sizes and lumen powers.

High Intensity Discharge

These electrical-gas discharge lamps lights provide light by creating an arc between tungsten electrodes. The arc is housed inside a fused quartz or fused alumina arc tube.

Halogen Bulb

Also known as a tungsten halogen, halogen bulbs are suited for automobiles, general lighting, stage lighting and for specialized purposes.

Fluorescent Lamp

These types of bulbs are very energy efficient. This leads to lower electric bills over time. Replacing just five incandescent bulbs with fluorescents can save you up to $200 over the lifetime of the fluorescent. They are easily recyclable, are available in different sizes and light intensities.

Incandescent Lamp

These traditional light bulbs are lit by a wire filament that heats up and glows. They are still a popular choice with customers who are used to their clean, soft light. These bulbs are easily installed in the household and affordable.

Par Lamp

Parabolic aluminized reflectors. These types of lights are commonly used for commercial, stage and transportation purposes. For example, they may be used on planes and automobiles, or to light a stage for a theatre performance. They are differentiated by diameter in increments of eighths of an inch.