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LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

Also known as LED tape lights or ribbon lights, LED strip lights are flexible circuit boards with surface mounted light-emitting diodes that you can install almost anywhere you wish to add lighting in different colors and varying degrees of brightness. Traditionally, they were exclusively used for accent lighting, backlighting, decorative lighting, and task lighting. Today, higher-power SMDs and the increased luminous efficacy made LED strip lights ideal for various applications such as bias lighting, cove lighting, pathway lighting, and fluorescent/halogen lighting fixture replacements.

Easy Installation

LED strip lights are very easy to install. They are available in 12 and 24 Volt strips that must be matched to the correct voltage LED driver. The back of the strip comes with 3M adhesive tape, allowing you to ‘peel and stick’ it to different surfaces. For more complex setups like cove lighting and under counter lighting, you’ll need channel guides and mounting accessories. You can also use connectors to change the direction of the strip or create more intricate runs.

Versatile and Energy Saving

Traditional lighting uses more electricity and generates more heat. This results in wasted energy which is reflected in your electric bill! It has been proven that LED strip lights are at least 95% more efficient than regular light bulbs.

Our standard output LED strip lights are incredibly energy efficient, consuming less than 2 watts per foot! We also have high output LED strip lights that only use less than 5 watts per foot. They are up to three times brighter than their standard counterpart, making them great for indoor task lighting and illuminating outdoor spaces.

Low Profile and Flexible

Our LED strip lights are thin enough (1/16”) to be installed in tight spaces and can be easily concealed from view. They are also flexible, allowing you to bend them vertically (up to 90°) so you can illuminate areas that are previously thought impossible.


The strip can be cut every few inches so you can design your project freely without worrying about space restrictions or time-consuming bulb replacement. We can customize strips to suit your needs including preferences for brightness, color, CRI, width, length, voltage, and more.

Safe for Indoor & Outdoor Applications

LED strip lights are safe when left uncut and protected from contact with water. You can mount the strip on decks and gazebos, under eaves, and even under stairs for increased walkway visibility at night. 12 and 24 Volt options reduce the risk of electrical shorts that often occur with line voltage outdoor lighting.

Waterproof Strip Light

We have completely waterproof LED strip lights with protective high-grade silicone. For instance, our cool white and warm white colors have a waterproof option that will allow you to safely submerge the strip for pool lighting and other underwater installations. They are also perfect if you wish to add lighting in your bathroom or in other areas where humidity is a concern. Just make sure you use waterproof accessories when connecting or splitting around corners and custom runs.